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FEBRUARY 18, 2024


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7 - 7:30 p.m.


Violence from members of a Colombian drug cartel, and violence from

members of a Chicago gang, were used by God to call Rev. Mauricio Franco to serve in the Office of the Holy Ministry in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. With such a background as his, one might think Pastor Franco would be lacking a sense of humor. Such an assumption would be very far from the truth. Despite all the extreme struggles Pastor Franco suffered through on his way to serve in the ministry, in this interview he shares the laughter and joy he now has as he serves near the border with America and Mexico. If you take time to listen to this interview, you will discover how God works in the lives of a variety of people in a variety of ways. Most assuredly, you will find in Pastor Mauricio Franco a model of selfless service to the crucified and risen Christ. In short, prepare to be inspired.


Pastor Doug and Amy in Germany

Pastor Web 8.jpg

Jake, Patricia, Isaiah and Eliana Krengel

(Clockwise from left)  Rhea Krengel Folk, Pastor Krengel, Amy Krengel and Little Maeve Folk

Harrison, Maeve & Rhea Folk

Pastor Web 4_edited.jpg

Jake, Patricia, Isaiah and Eliana Krengel

Rev. Dr. Douglas Krengel

Pastor Krengel receiving his hood from his Aunt Dr. Lois Klatt

Isaiah Krengel

Jake, Patricia & Isaiah

Harrison, Maeve & Rhea Folk

Eliana Krengel

Pastor Web 4_edited.jpg

Jake, Patricia, Isaiah and Eliana Krengel


Before introducing myself and my family to you, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for His grace and mercy.  The risen and reigning Christ has again shown me His generosity and love as He has called me to serve as pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Bridgman, Michigan.  Thanks be to God!

Over the last 32 years, the Lord has sent me to serve in the Office of the Holy Ministry.  This calling began in the font of Holy Baptism as the Holy Spirit created faith in my heart on May 30, 1965, at Saint John's Lutheran church in Forest Park, Illinois (where my father and his two sisters were also baptized and attended Lutheran school).  Pastor Donald Gaurlay officiated the service.  Soon after my baptism, may parents chose to move to Houston, Texas.  At Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School in Houston, I received regular instruction in God's Word.  At the end of my eighth-grade year at Pilgrim, I was confirmed on May 6, 1979, by Pastor Donald Peyman (who also happened to live immediately next door to our house).  Pilgrim served as the church home for our family into the 1980's.  Over those years I served as the president for our youth group in what was know as Lutheran Youth Fellowship.  Attending the LCMS National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, Texas, in 1983, had a powerful effect on me.  In that same season of my life, Pastor Peyman encouraged me to study to become a pastor.  His counsel went unheeded - at least at first.

In the fall of 1983 I began my college studies at the University of Texas, Austin.  Aerospace Engineering was my initial major.  However, the Holy Spirit continued to call me into the pastoral office. After spending my first semester of college studying the Word, keeping a prayer journal, and sharing my faith with other students, I realized that God was indeed calling me to serve in His church.  In January 1984, I transferred to Concordia University Chicago and entered the pre-seminary program.  In 1987 I graduated from CUC with a double-major in Philosophy and English.  Within a month after graduating, Amy Schelling and I were married at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Jackson, Michigan (Amy's home parish).  The newly married Mr. and Mrs. Krengel moved to Saint Louis, where I entered the M.Div. program and Amy began teaching at River Roads Lutheran School.  Redeemer Lutheran church in St. Cloud Minnesota, is where I served my vicarage.  It is also the birthplace of our first child, Jacob (Jake) Krengel.

Upon graduating form Concordia Seminary in 1991, the Holy Spirit called me to serve as Assistant Pastor at Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Caro, Michigan (1991-1993).  Soon the church grew in membership, as Amy and I were blessed with the birth of our second child, Rhea Krengel (now Folk).  Over the last thirty-two years the Lord of the church has sent me to serve at Saint Paul Lutheran Church and School in Lapeer, Michigan (1993-2000), Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Jackson, Michigan (2000-2010), and The Family of Faith Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas (2010-2023).


During my pastorate in Houston, I earned my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Concordia University Chicago (2019). The Lord also blessed our congregation with a second ministry location which provides early childhood education and care to over one-hundred children. Over these years, our children were also blessed to attend Lutheran preschools and schools (as was Amy before them). Both of our children had Amy as their first grade teacher. As of 2023, God has called me to serve in a parish with a preschool for thirty years. In addition to sharing the Gospel with preschool students, I am a guest instructor at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. "Teaching the Faith" is the name of the class I lead online for Specific Ministry Pastor students. Through these life experiences and educational processes, the risen Savior has taught me about his grace and mercy. However, Christ is not done with me yet. I look forward to learning more about the God of the Bible with you at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Amy and I are now grandparents three times over. Jake and Patricia Krengel are the loving parents of Isaiah (5 years old) and Eliana (3 years old). Jake owns and operates the Bavaria and Beyond Travel Company from his home in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, located in the German Alps. Rhea and Harrison Folk are the proud parents of our newest grandchild, Maeve Folk (1 year old). Just one year ago, Amy and I rushed up to Saint Joseph, Michigan, to be with Harrison and Rhea as we all welcomed Maeve into the world. Harrison Folk is a realtor. Rhea teaches art in the Three Oaks school system. They live in Saint Joseph, Michigan, which happens to be conveniently located to Bridgman. Actually, there is no “happens to” involved. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is to be praised for he is the one who is leading my life, our family, and his church.

In Christ’s service,

Rev. Dr. Douglas Krengel

Reverend Doctor Douglas A. Krengel's Paper
on Improving Professional Relationships and Organizational Leadership in Congregations:  Starting with Pastors and Preschool Directors

Reverend Doctor Douglas A. Krengel's Paper
on It's Time for the Church to Return to Having Children as the Center of It's Missional Focus

Reverend Doctor Douglas A. Krengel


An Exploration of the Quality of the Professional Relationships

Shared by Pastors and Early Childhood Directors

in Congregation-Based Early Childhood Centers in the Southwest Region of the United States:

A Mixed-Methods Approach Using the Leader Member Exchange Theory,

Interviews, and Dyadic Data Analysis


Douglas A. Krengel

Concordia University Chicago, River Forest, Illinois

A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirement for the Ph. D.

in Organizational Leadership



November 20, 2019

Exerpts From a Book Proposal by
Rev. Dr. Douglas A. Krengel

Chapter One
"You Are All Wet, God!"

Exerpts From a Book Proposal
Rev. Dr. Douglas A. Krengel
Chapter Four
"When a Warm Welcome Becomes as Hot as Hell"

"Speaking Modern Mom"
A Powerpoint Presentation
by Rev. Dr. Douglas A. Krengel

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