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Welcome to Life Team!

We address life issues from God's creation at conception to God welcoming us home at death.  

Life Team

An exciting Immanuel Ministry - Life Team works on life issues from conception to end of life. We work closely with LifePlan of Niles and Benton Harbor. LifePlan is a Christ-centered organization that provides services to women may be considering abortion. They offer other options, but first and most importantly they offer the gospel and love of Jesus Christ to women and families in need. 

Life Team Mission Statement:

"We the Members of the Immanuel’s Life Team in response to God's love and care for us dedicate ourselves individually, and our team, to the Lord's Great Commission. (Matthew 18:20). By God's grace we will use our God given time, talents, and treasures to work with our Pastor, Congregation, and Church leadership to be Gospel motivated voices for life to save lives."

Recent news on the Petition to End

Dismemberment Abortions

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We support

LifePlan (Benton Harbor and Niles)

LifePlan exists to spread the Gospel by helping people choose life and live a Hope-filled life. For more information click here

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