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 Poem by one of our Staff, Sue Collier



A stranger on the steps.

A dad in the hallway.

A little boy.

What a boost!

What a smile-trigger!

What a happy pill!

We got to talk on the steps at the beach.

Strangers whose paths crossed on a beautiful day.

At a place we both love.

Then he hugged me and we parted.

I saw John in the hall.

I saw him often when I worked in the infant room.

Now Lilly is in Toddlers,

And I am in the third room up.

John assured me that LIlly would soon move into my room,

And he would pester me again on a regular basis.

This was said after a quick squeeze

After I walked into his outstretched arms.

Moments later, on the other end of the building,

Some small outstretched arms said,

"Hi, Miss Sue!  I miss you!"

Nic is in school now,

But comes to our building afterwards.

How nice to be connected to the world around me,

In such a warm, spontaneous way!

Please, give some of your unplanned hugs away!

By Sue Collier

February 12, 2020

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