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2020 Mid-Year Summary


Purpose:  Since our regularly scheduled Voters Assembly was cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus lockdown and we are continuing to practice safe hygiene and distancing procedures, we are providing this mid-year summary of 2020 compiled from the various boards and committees.  If you have any questions please email or contact the church office so the questions can be compiled, answered, and distributed to the congregation.  God’s Blessings to all!


Pastor Meyer

  • Held virtual worship services and daily devotions with Pastor Fischer

    • Streamed live on Immanuel’s and Good Life’s websites

    • Average daily views (from Mar 21 – Apr 15):  ILC:  192; Good Life:  247

    • Recordings published on ILM website and YouTube under Immanuel Lutheran Church Bridgman

  • Easing into normal services after COVID-19 lockdown

  • Baptisms:  6

  • Confirmation:  None (scheduled for July 19)

  • New Members:  11 (December 8 to present)

  • Marriages:  1

  • Funerals:  3


Elders (Dennis Barnes/Larry Kanous)

  • The Elders have been busy with the COVID-19 reopening plans coordinating with the Officers and Church Council.  The plans and process put in place are designed to allow opening with safety in mind and follow CDC guidelines.

    • Wednesday evening services – require masks

    • Sunday morning services – masks are optional (per EO 2020-147)

  • The Elders called all members to maintain contact during the lockdown.

  • Pastor Ed and Pastor Tom developed an impromptu daily Social Media service program throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. This program has been well received and well attended.

  • We are pleased to say that the reopening of our services has gone well averaging about 160 attendees per week post COVID-19 lockdown, but short of the 203 average for calendar year 2019.

  • We thank Pastor Tom for his services to our congregation during the Covid19 shutdown.

  • Plans are being made for an annual picnic scheduled for August 23rd. Please watch the bulletin for complete information.

  • We are now beginning to plan for the 125th year anniversary of our church.

  • If you are interested in serving as an Elder, please contact Dennis Barnes (269 266-2430) or Larry Kanous (574 274-7443)


Outreach (Marion Winter)

  • Life Team (Aimee Smith)

    • Walk for Life – Folks from other Churches joined in this effort

    • Stuff – A – Truck supported by our church, and others area Churches with infant clothing, diapers, and other needed items

    • Supported National Day of Prayer held virtually by providing information to our Congregants and other area Churches though Church website and email.

    • Wellness presentations may be provided later in the year

  • Movie nights are on hiatus until gatherings restrictions are relaxed

  • Community outreach efforts will continue

  • If you are interested in serving on the Outreach committee, please contact Marion Winter


Greeters (Sherry Vonk) 

As we can worship together again, we are being asked to maintain social distancing and avoid touching so the Greeters have had to make some changes. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available at each entrance and

  • Bottled water is provided since we are temporarily required to disable the drinking fountains. 

  • Bulletins will be set out for worshippers to pick up themselves. 

  • Giving can be done electronically (Kindrid), using the offering plates at each entrance, or placing it in the lockboxes in the Narthex or church office entrance. 

  • Wearing masks are optional inside the building. 

We want to be a welcoming team for all who come through the doors of Immanuel, “God with us!”  If you are uncomfortable greeting during this transition, please contact Sherry Vonk, 269-465-5957, 269-208-2343 (cell) and she will be happy to reschedule you or work out a solution.  May God bless you for your continued service!


Children’s Ministries (Barb Ackerman/Sherry Vonk)

  • Center was closed on March 31, 2020 due to COVID-19.

  • Teachers stayed in touch with families through Zoom and home visits using social distancing

  • We were able to apply for and receive the federally sponsored Payroll Protection Plan to pay our staff during the closure.  The staff was incredibly grateful as God was good to us during this time.

  • Additional state grants are being pursued

  • The Center re-opened on May 26, 2020, following guidelines provided by The State of Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).

  • Barb Ackerman has been at the front door each morning to greet parents, take temperatures, and answer any questions or concerns. The parents have been grateful for the extra precautions. 

  • We currently have 36 full time children attending.

  • Only one family chose not to return to the Center.

  • We are down 11 children from our last summer attendance.

  • We had to cancel our Preschool Open House in March.

  • We do have 14 children registered in the 4-year-old program for the Fall.

  • We have 9 registered in the 3-year-old program.

  • Our GSRP program has 12 registered.

  • All children are receiving daily free breakfast and lunch at the Center.

  • We are planning on a regular school start on Tuesday September.


  • VBS was cancelled for this summer

  • Sunday School restart is unknown

    • Before COVID-19 Sunday School attendance averaged between 11-14 children each week

    • We are very thankful for all who helped this past school year in Sunday School 

    • If you would like to help in the future, please contact Barb Ackerman (269 998-0738) or Sherry Vonk (269 .


Finance (Karen Oldenburg/Karen Pedde)

  • As of 30 June 2020

    • Offerings and income:  $183,539                Anticipated:  $172,500

    • Expenses:  $186,073        budgeted:  $177,204

    • Thank you for being faithful in your giving through the lockdown!


Administration (Kevin Berk)

  • Changed Insurance carriers to Church Mutual – better coverage at lower cost

  • Security

    • Emergency Response Plan drafted and being reviewed and modified by the security committee

    • Safety/Security Team being formed

    • Ushers are being initially integrated to assist the Safety/Security Team

    • If you are interested in joining the safety/security team, please contact Kevin Berk (269-921-2941) or Dave Neal (269-208-9448)



Technology (Ron Gelesko)

Numerous projects have been underway since the last Voters meeting was held.  Funding ($140,000) for nearly all of this comes from the estate of one of our late members.



  • All sanctuary lights have been switched over to controllable LED’s.

    • ON/OFF switches are in the Narthex for members’ safety; the master CONTROL PANEL is in the church balcony.

  • Adjustments and final connectivity are ongoing.


AUDIO IN THE SANCTUARY (for in-house services)

  • 4 new speakers have replaced the 1 old speaker.

  • A room (across from the men’s bathroom) has been renovated for A/V equipment. The audio rack (near the handbell storage cabinet) will be moved to this renovated room.


VIDEO & AUDIO IN SANCTUARY (for streaming on FACEBOOK, YOU-TUBE, etc., and recording)

  • A 3-camera setup is partially operational now and will soon be completed.

  • Additional Software/Hardware is needed to both capture and stream AUDIO along with the CAMERA feeds.


RECORDING & STREAMING STUDIO (in church balcony)

(This is temporary to use existing a/v equipment)

  • A few pews have been temporarily moved to the Life Center.

  • A platform and railing were installed.

  • This studio will be equipped as needed (mostly from existing equipment).


WI-FI (Central System throughout our complex from Child Care to the Sanctuary)

  • This was needed to address … security and streaming concerns.

  • This work is complete, but it may be necessary to upgrade system components and our service bandwidth in the future.



  • Replace PROJECTORS in Sanctuary, obtain IN-EARS for praise team members


If you are interested in assisting the sound and video during worship services, please contact Ron Gelesko (269-369-1944)



Trustees (Kurt Hanke/Brad Hildebrandt)

  • Electrical

    • Installed Motion detector light switches in hallways, bathroom, gymnasium.

    • Installed Outlets above ceiling panels for future wired security cameras.

    • Planning to replace main panel from fuses to breakers.

  • Electronic Sign

    • Progress slowed by COVID-19.

    • Received rough estimate ($28,000 - $30,000) and drawing from ArtFx .

    • Will be submitting to Bridgman City for permits.

  • East Narthex Door concrete replacement

    • Have architectural drawings

    • Will develop internal cost estimate

    • Will ask for Voters Assembly approval to proceed to raise funds (have received some already) and install once funds are in-hand

    • Will write a request for proposal and send out drawings and statement of work for bids

  • Painting rooms

    • Brad and Debbie painted childcare rooms (Thank you!)

  • If you would like to help the Trustees, please contact Kurt (574 274-3213) or Brad (269 588-9119).



Respectively Submitted,

Bill Linn, President

Kevin Berk, Vice President

© 2020 by Immanuel Lutheran Ministries

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