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The Lord is Good!  We are pleased to announce that Immanuel will begin worship services again on Sunday, May 31, 2020. 

Our Traditional Worship Service will be at 9:00 am, our Praise Worship Service will be at 11:00 am and our Wednesday Evening Traditional Worship Service

will be for anyone who requires a mask to be worn. 

This Worship Service requires face masks and begins at 6:00 pm.

Please join us for any of these services.  Because we are following physical

distancing for our services, a limited amount of people can attend the services. 

Please consider attending one of our other worship services.  

Immanuel has set some safety guidelines for our worship services:

*** Please note that if you are not feeling well, have a temperature, cough, shortness of breath etc… please watch the worship services from your home on Facebook

our website or You Tube video***


***If you have been in contact with someone who has

tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus, please

quarantine yourself for two weeks.***




  • The exterior church doors will remain open for people to enter and exit without using the door handles

  • Please use the hand sanitizing stations located at each exit, narthex, sanctuary and bathrooms

  • Please maintain physical distancing at all times 

       (6 feet apart or two arm lengths)

  • While selecting your seat in the pews, please maintain physical distancing

  • Face Masks are optional for Sunday Worship Services, however for Wednesday Evening Worship Service, Face Masks are required if you are physically able to wear one.  Once you are seated according to the six foot physical distance guidelines you may remove your mask if you would like.  Disposable Face masks will be made available for persons needing one.

  • The water fountain is not to be used, water bottles will be at each sanitizing station for your convenience.

  • The offering baskets will not be passed, please use the silver box on the side of the table in the narthex, or the baskets placed in the sanctuary at the end of each of the aisles to give  your offerings

  • Greeters will be in the narthex to help visitors, but will maintain physical distancing.

  • Bulletins will be placed on the pedestals in the aisles





  • Communion will be a continuous line in front of the chancel area.  Starting with the right side of the church (west side pews)  communicants will line up, six feet apart using the center aisle and be served a  tray with the host, then move on to be offered either the individual cup or common cup for the wine.  Communicants from both sides of the sanctuary will return to their seats using the east aisle (left side aisle)

  • Communicants who would like to kneel at the railing near the altar to pray after they commune are welcome to do so.  An assistant will sanitize the rail after each communicant.

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